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  Our Services

    Interested in our products? You will love our services too! What is it that makes us to move more, strive harder and work better? It’s you! Here at CHESTRONICS SDN BHD, we are passionate about helping our customers to improve the way they move and gain as much as possible from our product and service offerings. 

    In CHESTRONICS, we strongly believe that it is not only vital to obtain new customers but also; to establish a positive long-term relationship with our customers. Therefore, servicing our customers is an essential key to attain this goal. Our services are designed with respect to our customers’ needs and requirements parallel with our company’s quality objectives.

    CHESTRONICS SDN BHD has always taken pride in providing its customers with premium quality products & services. If your company is looking for a company which has an exceptional capability to deliver a first-class customer-support service, search no more because CHESTRONICS is right here to serve you. Sounds good? So below are the services available just for you.          

  1. Design Assistance  

    Since we are the expert in Wire-Harnessing business, why not let our expertise assists you in your decision making process? CHESTRONICS SDN BHD gladly assists its customers in cable and connector selections, layout and manufacturing techniques, cable or wire material considerations and even other essential criterion which could help you to make your decision-making process a way lot easier.  

    Furthermore, CHESTRONICS could also help your company to be competitive & always stand a step ahead among your competitors by offering its superior engineering expertise or by delivering state-of-the-art design ideas in order to fulfill changing and dynamic customers' needs or requirements in their products and components design. 

    If your company is driven by unending desire for continuous improvement, CHESTRONICS is a name you can trust. In effort to ensure ongoing performance and reliability of our customers’ products, CHESTRONICS gladly welcomes its customers by assisting them in upgrading or redesigning their products, re-evaluating or improving existing cable assemblies to increase the overall performance and of course; reducing manufacturing costs while maintaining the reliability and quality of the products.

  2. Material Resourcing  

    Material resourcing has never been easy. Manufacturing organizations, whatever their products, face the same daily practical problem: customers want products to be available in a shorter time than it takes to make them. This means that some level of planning is required.

    CHESTRONICS provides full turnkey services to improve customers' efficiency & competitiveness. With our experience, knowledge & expertise, we are here to assist you in material resourcing and decision making process such as planning the types and quantities of materials they purchase, planning of which products are to be produced and in what quantities while ensuring that they are able to meet current and future customer demand, all at the lowest possible cost.

  3. Prototype Quantities  

    What do we expect from each of our customers towards our products & services? It’s their satisfactions! Hence, in effort to increase customer’s satisfaction, we have developed the capability for rapid prototyping prior to bulk manufacturing based on customer’s request. This will help customers to evaluate the reliability and quality of the product prototype before we can continue running on mass-production. The product prototype will provide a room for improvement or modification if necessary based on customer’s requirements.

  4. Testing and Evaluation  

    Parallel with our company’s quality objectives, CHESTRONICS is very strict, focused and determined in ensuring the virtue of our quality assurance and its contents is not violated by whatever means.

    Our quality assurance and testing procedures/processes are in place to ensure all manufactured cable assemblies inherit superior product quality. In some cases, our selected suppliers can also provide quality/testing documentation and/or testing services for other components/parts.

  5. Just-in-Time Capability  

    Just-in-time (JIT) is an inventory strategy that strives to improve a business's return on investment by reducing in-process inventory and associated carrying costs. CHESTRONICS has been in the flow of JIT practices parallel with today’s challenging yet dynamic business environment. We have developed the capability to adopt and execute Just-In-Time manufacturing method for all of our product lines in order to reduce the need for inventory maintenance while delivering a superior manufacturing and distribution management system in our processes.

  6. On-Site Customer Services  

    In addition to our in-house customer services, we provide on-site services for our customers. We do anticipate in assigning our engineers or technicians to customer’s site/plant to work hand-in-hand in supporting their new prototype or even helping them during production trial run whenever necessary or needed. Moreover, we do provide assistance in problem-solving services for our customers. For the drive of continuous improvements, we are enthusiastic to provide our customers with ideas or solutions parallel with current market needs and demand.

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