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15 Jan 2009
Wire Market demand in ASIA, Singapore...
08 Des 2008
Market trande in USA, CNN...

Chestronics Sdn Bhd has a well-documented Quality Policy. Under this policy Chestronics is committed to supply our customer with high Quality Wire Harness and Goods which conform customer's requirements by:
  • Providing On Time Delivery and Offering Quality Services
  • High Quality and Process control standards through disciplined workforce
  • A desire for Continuous Improvement by reviewing the Quality Objectives set periodically

Environmental Policy

Chestronics Sdn Bhd is committed to ensure that our activities are in harmony with the environmental and other interested parties are protected through the following:-
  • Ensuring compliance with the relevant environmental laws, regulations and requirements.
  • Continually striving to prevent environmental pollution and working towards green environmental.
  • Adhering to our commitment towards continual environmental performance improvement by to the following programs:-
    • Improve efficiency of energy consumption to prevent global warming
    • Eliminate the use of RoHS Banned Substances
    • Waste minimization and pollution prevention in the area of manufacturing process
  • Raising and maintaining the environmental awareness of our employees and other interested parties [Public, Customer, Suppliers and Contractors] through education and publicity.
  • Taking prompt action to review the policy including the objectives and targets based on continual environmental impact assessment and risk assessment findings
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